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Mama Said Project {It’s Free!}


The Mama Said Project is intended to provide a process and community for us to connect with ourselves and those around us through creativity. Whether you sew, paint, write, photograph, design events or hammer metals as your canvas to harness the wild beauty of life, you are a co-creator of the world around you.

“Unused creativity is not benign…
it metastasizes.
It turns into grief, rage,
judgement, sorrow, shame.
We are creative beings.
We are by nature creative.
It gets lost along the way.
It gets shamed out of us.”

– Brenè Brown

This virtual circle is designed to be space where we can fall apart, stand together, and hold one another within the collective wisdom of our hearts. Our hope is that we each find joy, healing, sanity, laughter, courage and community through creative expression.

If you’re craving connection with other mothers and want to use creativity as a way to navigate your mothering journey, then join the free Facebook group below!

We’ll be offering writing prompts, art journaling techniques, exclusive interviews with other creatives and other various inspired invitations designed to build and grow our creative practice. We’d love to have you!