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A Sunday Morning Chat with Eliza Fayle of Artful, Joyful You.

A Sunday Morning Chat with Eliza Fayle of Artful, Joyful You. thumbnail

Excited to share this video interview with the lovely Eliza Fayle of Artful, Joyful You! Eliza and I crossed path two years ago as we were both determined to reignite our creativity, and had enrolled in an online blogging course. This morning she shares: - how she infuses creativity into her life despite a non-creative job (she's an… Read More...

Five Things Mexico Taught Me About Parenting

Five Things Mexico Taught Me About Parenting thumbnail

Nine months ago my family drove over the Mexican border at Nogales in search of a year long adventure. And what we got was so much more. The following are five key difference in parenting norms that touched me deeply, and I'll be carrying them home with me, along with my stash of colorful hand embroidered textiles. Excited to hit… Read More...

Big News: Our family is growing!

Meet the newest Lozano- A rescue dog we adopted. This comes as big of a surprise to us as it does to you- we were not looking for a dog- and hello, we live in a bus right now!   We found her on the side of the road on the way back from our Semana Santa at… Read More...

The Universal Sunburn Law

The Universal Sunburn Law thumbnail

Where is it written, that us whities, have to burn the shizzle out of ourselves the first day of every beach vacation? I mean how old am I? How many beaches have I been to? How long have I had this freckly, Irish skin? What, am I new? And of course I'm not the only one. Show me a… Read More...